Summer Camp Provides the Building Blocks for Life

Published on: April 6, 2020

When you think about the building blocks of life — the knowledge and skills we need to guide us through even the toughest moments — what do you think about? Social skills? Independence? Resilience? Having all of these abilities is paramount in achieving a happy, successful life.

Parents, family members, friends and teachers more than likely played a big role in teaching you these skills. However, there’s another experience that has been proven to have helped with this type of personal growth.

“Camp is one of the few institutions where young people can experience and satisfy their need for physical activity, creative expression and true participation in a community environment,” says Peter Scales, Ph.D., senior fellow with the Search Institute in Minneapolis and educator, author and psychologist. “Most schools don’t satisfy all these needs.”

When we’re able to send our kids to summer camp, they become part of a community that fosters success and healthy development, all the while having fun! On a daily basis, campers interact with peers and positive role models, and have the opportunity to work together, make choices, build independence and build their self-esteem.

Muskoka Woods thrives on supporting your child’s personal growth. Plenty of its past guests have said how important the camp has been in their lives. The impact of summer camp reaches far past the first day of fall. In fact, some former guests have said that thanks to Muskoka Woods Summer Camp, they feel comfortable with who they are and that the experience has changed their lives forever.

Through daily activities — from arts and crafts and beach volleyball to wakeboarding and ropes courses — guests are able to push their personal boundaries in an environment that is supportive and safe. Guests at Muskoka Woods learn to communicate effectively, work as a team and try new activities, which not only helps boost their self-esteem and independence but also surrounds them with like-minded peers that eventually turn into lifelong friends.

Summer camp is more than just a short-term experience. It’s a culture that feeds on positivity, resilience, independence and, of course, fun. And, more importantly, it sets up our children with skills that will carry on with them long after the years of camp are over.

About the Author

Rachel Naud lives in Toronto with her husband, 16-year-old son and Old English Sheepdog, Stanley. When she's not busy with the three boys in her life, she is also the founder and editor of INBETWEEN magazine, a digital magazine geared to parents of teens. Rachel can often be seen on morning shows across the country, talking about trends and products relevant to that demographic. She has appeared on The Morning Show, Breakfast TV, CTV Winnipeg, CTV Ottawa and more. In addition, Rachel is also the coordinator of the Lifestyle Media program at Centennial College in Toronto, where she also teaches students a variety of subjects in Lifestyle Media. To unwind, Rachel loves to cook while mostly blasting The Chicks.

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