Health Care Information

Muskoka Woods values health and safety above all else. We strive towards offering a Summer Camp experience where no one can get hurt so no one does get hurt. Every week of Summer Camp is staffed with a doctor and team of nurses.

What are we doing to keep guests safe?


We recognize that Ontario has been experiencing periodic concerns with air quality. Our Health Care Centre team has been in regular communication with the Simcoe Muskoka District Health Unit (SMDHU) to review Air Quality Health Index (AQHI) ratings for Parry Sound. Each morning, we have meetings to discuss the AQHI rating to determine which activity plan to follow for the day.

Each cabin has a HEPA filter (high-grade air filtration) system and air conditioning to improve indoor air quality, ventilation, and filter the cabin air, reducing the risk of airborne transmissions of viruses and smoke from wildfires.

Our full plan and protocols developed for when the AQHI rating is high includes, but is not limited to:

  • For all outdoor activities, guests and staff will be advised to monitor their personal health, take breaks from activities as required, and, for staff, speak to their supervisors if they are having difficulty with a specific task due to the air quality
  • As needed, we encourage breaks indoors, water breaks or taking a mid-activity break to make them less strenuous (i.e., less running, smaller program area for camp wide games, etc…) and as needed, we will provide alternative activities/programs for areas that cannot reduce strenuous activity
  • At-risk guests and staff will be asked to monitor their health and speak with a staff member if they are having any difficulty taking part in an activity or program due to their specific health concerns
illustration of hands being washed.

Hand Hygiene

Staff have been trained on where and when to apply hand sanitizer. In addition, medical grade hand sanitizer stations have been installed in abundance around camp. Hand washing stations are installed in key locations.

All persons on resort property will be encouraged frequently to practice hand hygiene. Posters will indicate proper hand washing technique and remind guests and staff to avoid touching eyes, nose and mouth.

Staff Training

Training for both full and part-time staff has been increased and special attention has been given during our onboarding process, including:

  • Proper hand washing frequency and techniques
  • Familiarity with current government and public health guidance, especially as it applies to resort-specific operations (such as housekeeping, food service, and maintenance)
  • Proper techniques for general cleaning and disinfecting
  • Proper use and disposal of personal protective equipment, such as gloves and masks. Instructions for donning and doffing of PPE, physical distancing, and group gathering limits.

Enhanced Cleaning and Disinfecting

Cabins are thoroughly cleaned and disinfected daily including prior to group and guest arrival, and subsequent to departure. We take special care to clean and disinfect doorhandles, countertops and other high touch points.

In addition, Muskoka Woods common areas common areas where physical distancing is not possible – such as our dining rooms and bathrooms – are being cleaned and disinfected at increased frequency including high tough points such as door handles, countertops and others.

Shared equipment is disinfected between uses.

Staff and guests are given guidance on where and when to apply hand sanitizer and scheduled handwashing happens throughout the day.

Health Advisory Committee

Muskoka Woods has enlisted the expert and professional advice of members of the health care community for several decades.

Dr. Rob Woodall


Dr. Woodall currently practices in the Emergency Department at Windsor Regional Hospital and is also the former Chief of Emergency Medicine for Windsor and its surrounding region. He is the first-ever recipient of Physician Legends Award, Windsor Regional Hospital (2013) and the Above & Beyond Recognition Recipient, Windsor Regional Hospital (2007-2020).

Susan Woollard


Susan has been with North York General Hospital since 1980 and has held several leadership positions including Unit Administrator and Program Director in Emergency Services, Director of Professional Practice, Research and Education and most recently, Program Director of Medicine, Critical Care and Elder Care. She is a member of the NYGH leadership team serving as the Vice President, Clinical Services and Chief Nursing Executive. 

Lori McAuley

Registered Nurse and Medical Director

Lori is a registered nurse and has been the Muskoka Woods Health Care Centre Director since 2010. Her nursing career has seen her serve as a nurse at Sick Kids as a public health nurse and with Toronto Public Health where she worked with communities and in schools. She first attended Muskoka Woods as a counsellor in training in 1979 and has been at the camp in some capacity every summer since.

Muskoka Woods Health Care Centre provides a full complement of medical staff to help care for your child.