Venture- Summer Camp for kids Ages 9-10


Ages 9-10 (Born 2012-2011)

Venture guests are in for an awesome week of fun, making friends and setting out on their own adventures. Guests spend their first of their six daily activity periods with their cabin group, switching between our Kraken Waterslide and Wibit Waterpark. The remaining activity periods are theirs to choose – with 50 arts and athletics options, they are sure to find something that makes them shine.


Venture guests kick-start every morning with a delicious breakfast and cabin clean-up. Mornings and afternoons are filled with awesome activities, yummy lunches and hanging out with your cabin. Evenings are filled with Cabin Chat, epic wide games, scavenger hunts, Spark and the Carnival. In Venture, you’ll build confidence trying new activities and make lots of new friends along the way!


For the first period of each day, Venture guests have a blast at the KrakenRACER Waterslide and Swim Beach with their cabin. Venture guests can choose from all available activities to fill the remaining five periods of their schedule. Please review all options for Venture guests from our wide array of 1-hour, 2-hour and 3-hour activities.

Venture Specialty Weeks

We now offer Venture Specialty Weeks every week of the summer! These are fun, immersive weeks built around classic Muskoka Woods activities and uniquely themed experiences. You’ll meet new friends and spend a full week doing everything with them!

Water Adventure 

Weeks 2 & 4

Boys Secret Agent Camp

Weeks 1, 6, 7, 8

Boys & Girls Secret Agent Camp

Week 3 & 5

Girl Power Camp

Weeks 1, 6, 7, 8

Venture Sample Schedule

The schedule below is an example of what a week is like in Venture.