During the phone-free times, your phone will be placed in a Yondr case.


Once inside, the case will lock but you can still connect to a charging cord or headphones.


Tap your phone on the unlocking base to use your phone during access times.

What is Muskoka Woods’ Phone Policy?

We continue to strongly recommend all communication devices stay at home. If your family reaches a decision that your child will come to Muskoka Woods with a device, here is our updated cell phone policy:

If you are a parent of a WILD (6-8) or Venture (9-10) guest:
  • Please notify your child’s counsellor upon arrival if you have chosen to send your child to camp with a cell phone. Guests will be able to text/call home after dinner time (5:30 p.m. – 6:30 p.m.) and before evening program. If you would like to contact your child while they are at camp, please do so during these times.
  • The cell phone will be required to stay in the Yondr pouch, in your child’s luggage, in their cabin during daily activities and evening program.
  • We encourage you to bring a lock for your luggage if you are bringing a phone to camp.
If you are a parent of a Junior High (11-13), Senior High (14-16) or CEO (15-17) guest:
  • Guests will have access to their phones daily after activities end at 5 p.m. until evening program and then again before curfew.
  • The cell phone will be required to stay in the Yondr pouch during daily activities and evening program. We recommend that guests leave it in their luggage, but they may carry it with them. 
  • Cell phones will be put back into the Yondr pouches shortly before curfew, which is 10:30 p.m. for Junior High guests and 11 p.m. for Senior High and CEO guests.
  • We encourage you to bring a lock for your luggage if you are bringing a phone to camp.


What time of day can I reach my child?
Phones will be available for use by guests after activities and in the evenings before bed so any responses can be expected around that time. If urgent communication is required, please call our office at 705-732-4373.
Can my child call me from the office?
Yes, at any time they can speak with their counsellor to arrange a call home. You can also call our office at 705-732-4373 to arrange a phone call.
If I don't want my child on their phone at all, can you hang onto it?
We recommend leaving the phone at home if you decide you do not want your child to have it with them. Otherwise, guests are responsible for all personal belongings while at camp.
Why haven't you just banned phones altogether?
Our goal with the Yondr Pouches is to empower youth to gain healthy boundaries with their technology. We believe that technology makes life easier in a lot of ways, and we also want to ensure that connection is at the forefront of all that we do. This unique solution allows us to keep an open dialogue about phone use, acknowledging both their benefits and drawbacks.
What if they want to take photos, listen to music, etc?

Guests can bring music devices and digital cameras that will not need to go in their Yondr pouches. When in the Yondr pouch, you can still have a charging cord and/or headphones attached to the phone. No tablets, gaming systems or laptops are allowed. Please keep in mind that Muskoka Woods is not responsible for any personal items that guests choose to bring. We will also be selling disposable cameras in the Camp Store for guests to purchase if desired.

How can I communicate with my child?
Our one-way email system is a great way to connect with your child at camp! You can email your child directly by logging in to your family profile, logging into your account, selecting the week they are attending, then choose “Send Emails”. Click “Manage Guests” from your login dashboard to add friends and family. Emails are printed and delivered to guests daily.
Will someone contact me to give me an update on their week since I cannot speak to them?

If at any point during the week you would like to arrange a call home, please contact our office at 705-732-4373 or info@muskokawoods.com.

What are “Yondr Pouches”?

Yondr Pouches were created for immersive events like comedy shows and concerts. They use a locking mechanism similar to security tags on clothing to ensure the focus is on the experience, versus capturing it.

Where will the phones be while they’re in the pouches?
Guests are still responsible for the safekeeping of their phones. We recommend bringing a lock for your luggage, and keeping phones inside them.
Does the pouch damage the phone?
No, the pouches are completely safe for all cell phones.
If there is still time to be on the phones, should I allow my kid to bring one?

It is up to you as a family to determine whether or not your kids bring a cell phone to camp. While we recommend a phone-free experience, we recognize that technology is an ever-present part of our lives. Our partnership with Yondr identifies this tension, and allows us to ensure that during the important moments of camp, kids are connecting with each other and their activities. During free time, counsellors will encourage guests to participate in other activities, such as basketball, gaga ball, or socializing around camp.

READ: Our tips to talking to your teen about disconnecting while at camp.

My child is from another country/I will be travelling at this time. How can we connect with a time difference?
If you are unable to connect during the access time, we’d be happy to arrange a call at a better suited time! Please contact our office, 705-732-4373 or info@muskokawoods.com, to arrange a call.
Do we have to rent or purchase the pouch?

No, as this is a mandatory requirement, we will be supplying the pouches. However, any significant damage or destruction to the pouch will be reviewed on a case by case basis.

If you have any further questions, concerns or comments, please call our Guest Relations team to discuss!

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