5 Reasons Not to Worry While Your Kids are at Muskoka Woods Summer Camp

As parents, we are predispositioned to worry about our kids. We fret over their nutrition, education, socialization, safety and general wellbeing to an alarming extent. In fact, according to a recent study, parent spends five hours and 18 minutes a day worrying about their kids — or 37 hours per week, but who’s counting? 

Isn’t it time you eased your worried mind? 

This summer, while your children are at Muskoka Woods, you can spend seven days worry-free knowing they’ll be having a safe and fun-filled time at one of Canada’s best summer camps. 

Here are five solid reasons not to worry:

Amazing Meals

Your child will probably eat better than you will during their seven days at Muskoka Woods! Guests enjoy a wide variety of foods served buffet-style, including a full salad bar and vegetarian meal options. At most meals, guests are seated with their cabin group so they will always have a familiar face to dine with.

Communication is Key

At Muskoka Woods, we create an environment where technology doesn’t get between your child and their best camp experience. Guests are encouraged to leave mobile phones at home. However, if you’d like your child to bring one for communication purposes, they will be able to text/call home after dinner time (5:30-6:30 pm) and before evening programs to avoid homesickness before bedtime. You can also send email to your child to keep in touch. Email to guests at Muskoka is a one-way service. Each day, email is printed and distributed to your. A mid-week care package that includes a Muskoka Woods stuffed animal, bubbles, playing cards and a sweet treat will be delivered to your child’s bunk on Tuesday to remind them you are thinking of them!

Friends for Life

Summer camp experiences are designed to develop guests’ social skills and help them make friendships that will last a lifetime. Your child won’t feel alone with an abundance of friends to keep them company during their week at Muskoka Woods.

Fun-Filled Days 

Muskoka Woods features over 60 summer arts and athletics summer camp activities that guests can choose from to fill a six-hour day. From a six-lane waterslide and huge inflatable water park to musical theatre and graphic design, guests are spoiled for choice when it comes to having the time of their lives.  

Supportive Staff

Muskoka Woods is led by a qualified and experienced full-time team. In addition to decades of experience at Muskoka Woods, many hold degrees in education, youth development and masters degrees in leadership. The summer staff of 350 are the best and the brightest from around the world, allowing Muskoka Woods to maintain a 2:4 staff-to-camper ratio. 

And if those reasons don’t convince you to worry less, check out what some previous guests had to say about their time at Muskoka Woods.

About the Author

Jamie Hunter lives in Dundas, Ont. with his wife, 10-year-old daughter and six-year-old son. Over the past 15+ years, he has contributed to a variety of national lifestyle and entertainment print publications and worked in corporate communications roles at Harbourfront Centre and the University of Toronto. A self-described amateur entomologist, wannabe ornithologist, and fair-weather angler, on weekends he can be found covered in dirt tending to his gardens.

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