Kayaking and Canoeing for Kids and Teens

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collage of kids kayaking and canoeing at Muskoka Woods

Nothing says camp like a canoe and a paddle. Get your fill of sun and water as you navigate our pristine bay on beautiful Lake Rosseau. Your instructors will teach you basic strokes and techniques to take out on the lake. Enjoy a leisurely paddle or throw up a wake racing your fellow canoers.

And glide along the pristine waters of Lake Rosseau from the comfort of a kayak. Learn the essential strokes and safety skills to set you up for a future of rapid-riding or ocean exploration. Whether you ride solo or with a buddy, you’ll have plenty of fun in the sun.

Is kayaking and canoeing safe for kids?

Safety is the highest priority at Muskoka Woods. All of our canoe and kayak instructors are trained in water safety and ensure safe protocols are being followed while on the water. Canoeing and kayaking are great fun for kids, are safe for them to use and will receive excellent instruction on how to get the most out of canoes and kayaks.

Shoes you should wear while kayaking or canoeing

Kids don’t need to wear any shoes when kayaking or canoeing. Lake Rosseau has a sandy bottom and kayaks and canoes launch from our beach. However, a water bootie or water shoe can be worn to help with grip and to keep your feet warmer.

What should I wear for kayaking?

It’s important to dress for the weather but there are some essentials that work all the time. Start with your swimsuit, you’ll be on beautiful Lake Rosseau kayaking and canoeing and a swimsuit is an excellent choice. Sunscreen is also essential – don’t forget to wear sunscreen even when it’s overcast. If you want to layer, avoid cotton clothes, when it gets wet it stays that way. Instead, consider synthetic materials such as polyester, fleece or Gore-Tex. And of course, wear a life jacket.

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