Beach Volleyball for Kids and Teens

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Bump, set, SPIKE! Practice your dives and enjoy some friendly competition on our gorgeous beach volleyball courts along the shore of Lake Rosseau. Players of all levels will get valuable instruction in this popular summer Olympic sport.

How do you play beach volleyball?

Classic beach volleyball is very similar to court volleyball, there are only three touches per side, and whenever the ball hits the ground, the other team is awarded a point. We play classic beach volleyball at Muskoka Woods and lots of fun variations.

How do you score in beach volleyball?

Traditionally, beach volleyball is played in games to 21 points each with the team who wins two sets first winning the match. If a third set is needed, the first team to score 15 points wins – but you must win by two points in every set. Muskoka Woods caters to all skill levels. We play this model of game and many others at Summer Camp.

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