Axe Throwing for Kids and Teens

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a collage of people axe throwing

Enjoy the challenge and fun of axe throwing. Our instructors will teach you proper technique to keep you safe and hit your target. Plaid shirt and beard are optional – all you need to bring is a little bit of upper body strength and a good attitude. Kids, don’t try this one at home!

What’s involved in axe throwing?

Axe throwing is a lot of fun, and at Muskoka Woods where safety comes first, guests first receive instruction on how to safely aim, throw and stick their axe to the target. Typically, the throwing axe is thrown overhand towards a target approximately 10 feet away.

What age can you do axe throwing?

Axe throwing at Muskoka Woods is enjoyed by our Junior High, Senior High and Crew guests. Archery, is part of the schedule for WILD and Venture.

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