COVID-19 forced a lot of us to do things differently, however, some silver linings were found. One of those was guests doing activities with their cabin. The majority of our customers of all ages preferred the cabin cohort model of camp, compared to choosing their activity schedule. Parents and guests talked about how they grew closer in friendship because they did everything together with kids their same age. Our guests had a chance to forge deeper connections with the new friends they made in their cabins and also got a chance to try many new activities instead of only six activities for the week.

The main concern from those who did not prefer the cabin groups was that they didn’t meet as many new friends as they typically did, in part due to the COVID restrictions in place last summer. Since COVID restrictions have eased for Summer 2022, cabins will no longer need to stay separated into cohorts. Instead, cabins will interact more, allowing guests to meet and bond with others daily.

We have loved being able to offer a wide selection of activities to our guests in Summer 2021 and received great feedback that they loved trying something new! We recognize our guests also enjoy deeper focus into improving their specific skills; with this, we will consider what will be fun, safe and permitted as we prepare ahead for Summer 2023.