Muskoka Woods is a Christian youth development organization that welcomes everyone to an experience for a lifetime. Cabin Chat and Convo Cafe are intentional times each day where we invite young people into conversations to explore what it is they believe. WILD and Venture guests participate in Cabin Chat and Junior High, Senior High and Crew guests in Conversation Cafe. We offer a choice of two streams of Conversation Cafe: Exploring Life, and Diving Deeper. In Exploring Life our staff share about Christian values, character building and personal beliefs, all relevant to the specific age group. At Diving Deeper, guests will learn more about these same Christian values through Bible based teaching. We establish in all sessions a safe space for our guests to listen, laugh and learn about values and morals as they are invited and encouraged to think about what they believe, and share their questions and perspectives in a safe environment. Our conversations are age appropriate and respectful of all religions and beliefs.