At Muskoka Woods, we don’t just meet the Ontario Camping Association’s standards of healthcare – we exceed them. Our Healthcare Centre is staffed all summer long by our Head Nurse and Healthcare Crew. Each week, a Doctor and Nurse team join us to ensure the best care possible. We are equipped 24/7 to attend to the medical needs of our guests should they arise. Muskoka Woods is located approximately 30 minutes away from hospital facilities in the Parry Sound and Bracebridge areas.

For guests with a medical condition requiring additional support such as epilepsy or diabetes, please contact our Health Care Coordinator today at healthcare@muskokawoods.com to discuss your child’s needs and our ability to match support to provide a safe and healthy week.

If your child needs to take medication while at Muskoka Woods, please bring it with the original label and drop it off at our Healthcare Centre on Sunday. Medication will be administered as per the guest’s needs.

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