Cabin Chat, Convo Cafe and Immerse

Cabin Chat, Convo Cafe, Spark, Impact and Immerse give guests of Muskoka Woods the opportunity to discuss topics including character building, personal beliefs and Christian values. It’s a safe space for listening, laughing and learning about values and morals through Bible stories.

We encourage young people to think in new ways and our conversations are always age appropriate and respectful of all religions and beliefs.

Now more than ever, kids need a safe space for listening, laughing and learning.

This video about comparisons is a sample of the way Muskoka Woods opens up discussion on age appropriate topics with your child. This video was used for our guests aged 11 to 17.

Cabin Chat is for WILD and Venture

Convo Cafe is for Jr. High, Sr. High and Crew

Spark is for Wild & Venture
Impact is for JH & SH
Immerse is for Crew