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Learn how to take aim with a bow and arrow and hit your target! Both beginners and avid archers will love our secluded archery area, nestled in the woods. You’ll learn techniques for safety and accuracy as you send arrows whizzing through the air.

Archery at Muskoka Woods runs for 1 hour & 2 hour activity slots throughout each day. These periods are a recreational level program emphasizing basic skill instruction, participation, and fun.

Instructors set goals with guests, provide quality instruction on a large, custom-built archery range, and ensure that guests are having fun and developing their skills.

Our instruction emphasis is on safety, fun, teamwork, and participation.  

Available in these packages:


Our skilled instructors can provide instruction on improving your technique.


Our goal at Muskoka Woods is to make sure all of our guests grow in confidence in their skills and abilities.


Learn and grow together, making new friends and helping each other improve each day.

“I loved archery this week! We played some awesome games to see who was the best and I hit the dinosaur TWICE!!”

Muskoka Woods Archery


The archery range is located in the woods through the tunnel and across the highway, next to Axe-throwing.

Finished in 2018, our purpose-built Archery Range is the perfect place to learn for the first time, or improve your already existing archery skills. Our range and equipment are updated yearly to ensure an incredible experience. All guests will be trained in our safety features, including shooting protocol.

With a variety of targets and other objects to aim at, our instructors work to make each day as fun as possible with accuracy games and target practice!