3 Lifetime Lessons Your Child Will Learn from Muskoka Woods Summer Camp

Muskoka Woods summer camp is more than just a fun experience. The camp’s mission is to not only give your children the best summer of their life, but to encourage your children to reflect on what they have accomplished at camp and shape them into confident, inspiring people.

So, how can a summer camp set your child up for a bright future? Here’s how:

Dedicated staff. Having a camper-to-staff ratio of four guests to every two staff means staff always have a colleague close by to help with the guests of the camp and a partner is never far away when they need supporting their guests’ emotional and physical needs. This leads to making the experience the best it can be for guests. 

Muskoka Woods’ staff all have a common goal to help young guests realize their full potential, build new friendships and boost their self-confidence. It’s the camp’s mission to encourage guests to reflect on their experiences and draw life lessons from them. 

For instance, guests may have accomplished a team challenge during evening activity. In addition to the physical challenge, guests will have learned to collaborate, communicate and encourage one another.

60+ activities. With more than 60 activities to choose from, guests can customize their experience at Muskoka Woods. This shapes your child’s decision-making skills as well as opens opportunities to take their physical abilities and creativity to the next level. Being open to trying new things and broadening their horizons will be an attribute that will stay with your child long after camp is over.

A+ Accommodations. Muskoka Woods is home to inviting cabins that will house your children during their stay. Being away from home and staying over at camp gives guests the opportunity to learn independence and resilience. In addition, they learn to communicate with their cabin mates while fostering friendships that can last a lifetime.

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Rachel Naud lives in Toronto with her husband, 16-year-old son and Old English Sheepdog, Stanley. When she's not busy with the three boys in her life, she is also the founder and editor of INBETWEEN magazine, a digital magazine geared to parents of teens. Rachel can often be seen on morning shows across the country, talking about trends and products relevant to that demographic. She has appeared on The Morning Show, Breakfast TV, CTV Winnipeg, CTV Ottawa and more. In addition, Rachel is also the coordinator of the Lifestyle Media program at Centennial College in Toronto, where she also teaches students a variety of subjects in Lifestyle Media. To unwind, Rachel loves to cook while mostly blasting The Chicks.

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