Caring For Your Child

Caring for your child is our primary concern and a wonderful privilege.

Challenge by Choice: Guests define their own success by setting individual goals with their instructors, who then chart out their progression through the week. While allowing guests to develop at their own pace, this approach lets them push themselves to new limits and try new things beyond their comfort level. We believe that active participation at each activity is more important than the outcome. We want to ensure that each activity is a positive experience and that it follows our trademark: FUN!

Prescriptions and Medications: Upon arrival at Muskoka Woods, all medication needs to be taken to the Health Care Centre. Medication must be brought in its original prescription bottle or package in order to be administered by our Health Care staff. Should it be necessary for our doctor to prescribe special medication during your child's stay, parents will be billed for the cost of the medication.

Health & Allergy Concerns: Many children attending Muskoka Woods have specific allergies and some can be life-threatening. We take these allergies seriously, and do all we can to reduce the risk of exposure. Though Muskoka Woods cannot guarantee to be a peanut-free environment, we do not use or serve peanuts, peanut products or tree nuts. Certain products have “may contain traces of nuts” labels, so guests with life-threatening allergies should consult with the kitchen staff regarding foods served at each meal and check labels on products in the Camp Store. We ask that guests do not bring snacks or food from home that may contain nuts. All guests who carry an EpiPen are asked to have it with them at all times. They will be asked to wear a specific wristband that alerts our staff to their health concerns.

Homesickness: At Muskoka Woods, 40 years of experience tells us that homesickness can be a challenge for some kids. It's a natural occurrence when young guests experience the camp setting for the first time. Our staff are trained to notice and respond to early signs of homesickness in a positive and encouraging manner. It almost always subsides by midweek as guests get into the fun of camp.  Calling home can amplify homesickness. Younger guests are not encouraged to do so unless you have notified us otherwise. If your child does call, we suggest you focus on the fun and excitement of all they are learning and doing during this special week.

Lice Checks: Head lice is a common problem amongst children and is occasionally identified in our incoming guests. As a community living in close quarters, head lice can spread quickly and be hard to eliminate. In an effort to prevent lice, we request that all parents check their child’s head for lice before arrival. We recommend checking for lice both one week and one day before arrival.

Upon arrival, guests will also be checked by a Lice Screening company called Lice Squad. If any lice or nits are found, parents will have one of two options:  
  • Return home and, after proper treatment has been received, return back to camp (product will be available to purchase) 
  • Parents can request Lice Squad to treat the guest for lice. Parents will be subject to a $275.00 minimum lice treatment fee payable upfront. This includes one on-site treatment and comb out by a nurse, as well as the supplies necessary to continue treatment at home.

To avoid stress and disappointment, we strongly urge you to check your child's hair prior to arrival.

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