walking into a land of discovery

WILD [Walking Into a Land of Discovery] is all about adventure and imagination. WILD guests travel in cabin groups with their very own host to over 13 exciting arts and athletic activities throughout the week. Along the way, they make new friends, pick up new skills and discover new things about themselves in a safe, secure, non-competitive environment. Things get really WILD in the evenings with songs, skits, campfires and silly games.

AGES 6-8 [BORN: 2013, 2012, 2011]

a day in the life

In the morning, WILD heads to Cabin Chat, a time where we invite our guests to explore what they believe. Then, they are off with their very own WILD host to arts and athletics skills. They will sample many of the activities Muskoka Woods has to offer. In the afternoon, WILD goes to the Camp Store and spends time as a cabin before heading to afternoon activities. WILD goes to the beach everyday and has fun splashing in Lake Rosseau. At night, the fun only continues in evening program. This is always a memorable time full of laughter, friendships and maybe even some messiness! Every night, WILD guests join in a campfire and get a good night’s rest, so they can run WILD again the next day!

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In WILD, all of our guests’ activities are chosen for them. This gives them a taste of all the fun Muskoka Woods has to offer: creative arts, water sports, land activities and action sports. Activities may vary for each cabin.

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