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This year will be the biggest, most epic week of Classic yet. In the past we've danced on the Titanic, stopped the Zombie apocalypse, and explored Disney's Magic Kingdom. What's in store for Summer 2019? You'll need to be there to find out!
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Throughout the week, you'll hang out with tons of new friends from around the world and spend your evenings blown away by concerts, events and surprises, just for you. The Classic schedule is designed to give you more time to chill with your friends. Your mornings are filled with your customized activity schedule. In the afternoon, you get to hang out with hundreds of Senior High guests, and participate in special, camp-wide activities designed specifically for Classic, including tournaments, beach parties and lots of surprises. You will also take part in some of the best skills Muskoka Woods has to offer: tubing, the KrakenRACER waterslide, paintball, sailing and our ropes course. You can spend the afternoon at one activity, or go to three different activities. The choice is yours! 

Competition is fierce at Classic. It starts with Kamati, a Senior High staple, on Saturday night. The stakes are higher, the competition is intense and we play under the lights until there is one cabin standing. Throughout the week, we're always giving out prizes for top cabins, competing in daily challenges, with the ultimate goal of winning Cabin of the Week.  

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Check out our Classic rates & dates, and all the activities you can choose from to design your Classic schedule!

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Aug 24-30, 2019

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