Ropes Course

Listen up adrenaline junkies! If your idea of fun involves whipping through the woods on 1,000 feet of wire, teetering on ropes 50 feet in the air, or leaping from telephone poles, Muskoka Woods has you covered. Our fully certified instructors will suit you up with all the safety equipment you need to conquer the largest ropes course in Canada. Our insane climbing course includes eight high elements, 12 low elements (great for teambuilding and problem-solving) and a 50-foot red rock climbing wall. Along with our indoor climbing wall, soft rappelling tower, three 1,000-foot zip lines, and a 75-foot giant swing, you won’t find a rush like it anywhere else.

ACTIVITY: 1 hour

* Want to fly high? Choose the Fanatic (2 hour) option to add an extra hour of class time, which also includes the Zipline! 

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