ESL Accredited

The Muskoka English Academy - ESL Accredited program offers youth the opportunity to make new friends and learn English, while immersed in a Canadian camp culture. Guests will improve their English fluency through this four-week program (Weeks 1-4), led by fully-accredited instructors. At the start of the program, guests will be assessed by our instructors and placed into one of five levels of proficiency. This ensures instruction is catered to their level of understanding. Upon completion of the four-week program, guests will receive a credit from the Ontario Ministry of Education in ESL, as well as two progress reports.

The five levels of proficiency include:

ESLAO-Level 1: This course builds on students’ previous education and language knowledge to introduce them to the English language and help them adjust to the diversity in their new environment. Students will use basic English language skills in listening, speaking, reading and writing for everyday and essential academic purposes. They will engage in short conversations using basic English language structures and simple sentence patterns; read short adapted texts; and write phrases and short sentences.

ESLBO-Level 2: This course extends students’ listening, speaking, reading and writing skills in English for everyday and academic purposes. Students will participate in conversations in structured situations on a variety of familiar and new topics; read a variety of texts designed or adapted for English language learners; expand their knowledge of English grammatical structures and sentence patterns; and link English sentences to compose paragraphs.

ESLCO-Level 3: This course further extends students’ skills in listening, speaking, reading and writing in English for a variety of everyday and academic purposes. Students will make short classroom oral presentations; read a variety of adapted and original texts in English; and write using a variety of text forms. As well, students will expand their academic vocabulary and their study skills. This course also introduces students to Canadian culture, history and current issues.

ESLDO-Level 4: This course prepares students to use English with increasing fluency and accuracy in classroom and social situations. Students will develop the oral-presentation, reading and writing skills required for success in all school subjects. They will extend listening and speaking skills through participation in discussions and seminars; study and interpret a variety of grade-level texts; write narratives, articles, and summaries in English; and respond critically to a variety of print and media texts.

ESLEO-Level 5: This course provides students with the skills and strategies they need to make the transition to college and university preparation courses in English and other secondary school disciplines. Students will be encouraged to develop independence in a range of academic tasks. They will participate in debates and lead classroom workshops; read and interpret literary works and academic texts; write essays, narratives, and reports; and apply a range of learning strategies and research skills effectively. Students will further develop their ability to respond critically to print and media texts.

MEA: 5 hours / day 

PRICE: Guests must register for the Muskoka English Academy - ESL Accredited program during Weeks 1-4. This program is offered in the Gold Price Package. 

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