If you love to board, blade or BMX, then B3 is for you! Both serious and recreational riders will benefit from plenty of expert instruction, so you can push yourself to go bigger, faster and harder. You’ll be responsible for providing your own equipment for all B3 participation, and we’ll provide a safe place to store it. 

Split B3 (3 hours) - You love the idea of B3, but that doesn’t mean you want to miss out on all the other awesome activities Muskoka Woods has to offer. In Split B3, you will spend half of your day boarding, blading or biking and the other half doing other camp activities that you get to choose. Open to Venture, Junior High and Senior High.

All Day B3 (6 hours) - Want more B3 action? Then our all-day B3 program was made for you! It offers 80,000 square feet of sick indoor and outdoor parks with ramps, rails, bowls, half pipes and a wicked vert ramp. Open to Junior and Senior High guests only. 

Mandatory Equipment: 

Skateboarding – board, helmet, knee & elbow pads 

Inline Skating – skates, helmet, knee & elbow pads, wrist guards 

BMX – bike, helmet, knee & elbow pads, bike lock

Action Sports