Muskoka Woods has teamed up with MATT NICHOL to launch the ATHLETIC PERFORMANCE INSTITUTE (API) on the shores of Lake Rosseau this summer.

    Matt, creator of BIOSTEEL SPORTS SUPPLEMENTS, is a veteran strength and conditioning coach. With over 15 years of training experience, Matt has coached athletes from the NHL, NFL, NBA, NCAA, CFL, and Tennis & Athletics Canada. Matt was the former strength & conditioning coach for the Toronto Maple Leafs.

    Matt currently trains the likes of Tyler Seguin, Mike Cammalleri, Matt Stajan, Michael Del Zotto, Devante Smith Pelley, Wayne Simmonds, Chris Stewart, Ray Emry, Raffi Torres and Tom Wilson (a former Muskoka Woods guest!).

    Geared towards guests ages 12-17 looking for high-quality professional athletics training, nutrition advice and leadership development, API is the ideal summer conditioning program for aspiring pro athletes.

    Delivered at the new Muskoka Woods training facility, guests will receive instruction from Matt Nichol trained API staff. For the remainder of each day, guests will take part in their choice of over 50 other Muskoka Woods activities, including: wakeboarding, ziplining, ropes course, paintball and more.

    Ramp up for basketball, football and hockey season at Muskoka Woods and get the best of both worlds: first-class athletic training against the backdrop of an unforgettable summer camp experience.

    Biosteel is a proud sponsor of the Muskoka Woods’ Athletic Performance Institute. API guests will receive training supplements for the week and a BioSteel gift bag for participating.

    Learn more about the Athletic Performance Institute.
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    By popular demand, Muskoka Woods is launching an ESL (English as a Second Language) program this summer.

    Junior High (ages 12-13) and Senior High (ages 14-17) guests can improve their conversational English in a camp setting by interacting with staff and other guests, through two hours of valuable English instruction each day.

    Please note:
    If your child is between the ages of 7 and 11, please contact our Guest Relations Team at (416) 495-6960.

    At a cost of $1,279 per week ($1,239 for Week 1), guests will be taught by a qualified instructor with a Bachelor of Arts in Applied Linguistics, and TESOL (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages) experience in Asia, Europe and Canada.

    Lessons will improve participants’ speaking and listening skills, and work towards specific grammar and vocabulary objectives. These engaging lessons will help learners use English in real-life situations.


      * CLB stands for the Canadian Language Benchmarks and CEFR for the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages.

      The Lower Intermediate class is for those learners with a basic understanding of the English language. They can communicate well enough to get by in an English-speaking context and express some of their basic needs and interests. They are still learning the vocabulary and grammar necessary to communicate with fluency and on abstract concepts.


      • Make simple sentences

      • Understand the main points of a conversation, especially on familiar topics like work, school, hobbies

      • Write simple texts on familiar topics

      • Understand presentations of up to 5-minutes long


      • More vocabulary to be able to speak in greater detail about your life and communicate what you need

      • Grammar to help you use the correct tense, make comparisons, form questions

      The Upper Intermediate class is for those who have a fairly broad vocabulary, enabling them to communicate with relative ease. These learners are beginning to be able to talk about themselves at a deeper level – articulating their hopes, dreams and values – and are able to have extensive conversations. They are looking for instruction in slightly more complicated grammar and how to use the English language in culturally appropriate ways.


      • Speak and understand well but still make mistakes

      • Take part in extended conversations

      • Understand most of a T.V. program

      • Understand presentations 10-15 minutes long


      • Some vocabulary, particularly idioms

      • Grammar that is more complicated like conditionals, modals, indirect questions

    Use this checklist to inform your decision. Count the number of statements that apply to you. If you count less than 5, please sign up for the Lower Intermediate class. If you count more than 5, please sign up for the Upper Intermediate class.

    • I can participate in a small group discussion where I express my opinion and ask
      for clarification. I can provide accurate and detailed information.

    • I can interrupt politely when it’s necessary.

    • I can keep a conversation going and hold my own when speaking to a group.

    • I use a range of vocabulary, including idioms, phrasal verbs and common

    • I can explain a process or sequence of events.

    • I can use a variety of complex sentences. I sound fluent when I speak, and I
      speak at almost normal speed.

    • Although I make mistakes, people don’t usually have trouble understanding my
      grammar and pronunciation.

    • I know how to express and respond to regrets and excuses in a variety of
      situations. I can make, cancel, or rearrange an appointment. I can give my
      reasons or apologies.

    • I am comfortable talking on the phone in familiar situations, but I sometimes
      find it hard to talk to strangers.

    • I can change my style of speaking for different situations and people.

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    Muskoka Woods believes that our CEO Leadership Program is only one aspect of the leadership journey. We are committed to providing an opportunity for our CEO alumni to continue learning after the summer ends. Participants graduate from the program knowing they will be challenged to be leaders who make a difference in the world. We believe in reaching beyond the borders of our communities, and that sharing our experiences with others can impact not only those we encounter, but also ourselves.

    Each March Break, Muskoka Woods takes CEO alumni to New Orleans to serve. This gives them the chance to take on a new challenge, gain memorable experiences and seize an opportunity to help shape their world.

    Our 2013 CEO alumni just got back from another unforgettable trip to New Orleans. Here’s a glimpse of their experience:

    After being interviewed by CTV at the airport, the 20 CEOS and six leaders enjoyed a speedy flight to New Orleans. Upon arrival, they got settled in to their YWAM house and enjoyed the New Orleans sights.

    Day 1:
    They woke up bright and early the next day to build trenches for the foundations of Habitat for Humanity homes. It was exhausting work digging heavy clay all day, but the CEOs did Muskoka Woods proud.

    Day 2:
    The next morning, the CEOs visited a youth detention centre and met with 20 kids between the ages of 12 and 15. They talked about faith, shared what they believe, and answered their questions about living in Canada. Afterward, they played basketball with the group.

    The CEOs came home and cooked a meal for men and women living on the streets. They also made 200 hygiene kits that were to be distributed to those in need. Many of our CEOs were deeply impacted by the homeless people they met and were reminded that everyone has a story.

    Day 3:
    On Monday, the CEOs toured the Lower 9th Ward - an area that was greatly affected by Hurricane Katrina. During the tour, they learned more about Brad Pitt's organization, Make It Right, and the political issues that arose as a result of the hurricane. It was encouraging to see that the 9th Ward is thriving, and more people are choosing to move back to the community.

    Later that day, they toured the French Quarter and tried some famous New Orleans cuisine. They also spent time playing with the inspiring children at the Fischer Housing projects.

    Day 4:
    The CEOs lent a helping hand at an elementary school specializing in the arts. This was tedious administrative work, but the principal let the team know they were one of the most hard-working groups they had this year.

    Day 5:
    After learning about a young mother program, and continuing with their homeless outreach efforts in the community, the CEOs were surprised with tickets to a New Orleans Pelicans basketball game! Sadly, the Pelicans lost by two points in the last 13 seconds!

    Day 6:
    Their final day of service included cleaning up neighbourhood lots and visiting their new friends in the Fischer Housing Projects one last time.

    The CEO alumni and our team of leaders were so thankful for this opportunity to grow together through an impactful week of learning, serving and fun. We look forward to returning to New Orleans in 2015.
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    It’s time to start thinking about the summer. Our most popular programs, activities and weeks of summer camp are filling up fast, and we don’t want your family to miss out!

    We’ve introduced three limited-time offers that will make planning your child’s summer adventure that much easier:


      To take advantage of the Interest-Free Payment Plan, you must contact financing@muskokawoods.com or (416) 495-6960 prior to registering.

      This option is great for guests who love summer camp so much, one week isn’t enough! Register for additional weeks in Weeks 1, 7, 8 and 9, and receive a cash credit:

      • $150 for your 2nd week

      • $200 for your 3rd week

      • $250 for your 4th week

      This credit may be applied to your camp fees or deposited into your child’s trust account for use in the Tuck Shop.

      After completing your registration, you must email guestrelations@muskokawoods.com to have the incentive applied.

      Spread your love for Muskoka Woods! Refer a friend - who has never attended Muskoka Woods - for Weeks 1, 7, 8 or 9, and both you and your friend will receive a $100 credit. This incentive may be applied to your camp fees or deposited into your child’s trust account for use in the Tuck Shop. These credits may be transferred between referral parties. Earn an additional $100 credit for each new friend you refer.

      To qualify as a referral, the new guest must indicate “referral” on the registration form and cite the specific name of a single person or family who referred them.

      Please note: the Multi-Week Incentive and Bring a New Friend Credit programs are mutually exclusive– they cannot be used together for the same week of camp.

    4. If you have any questions about qualifying for our incentive programs, don’t hesitate to contact our Guest Relations Team at (416) 495-6960 or guestrelations@muskokawoods.com.

      Start planning your child’s summer adventure today– click here.

      We hope to see you this summer!

    Registration incentives are mutually exclusive - they cannot be used for the same week of summer camp. Failure to meet a scheduled payment in the Easy Payment Plan will result in the forfeiting of the registration and all fees paid to this point. Each of the four payments will be scheduled on either the 1st or 15th of each month. If your final payment would fall after your camp week begins, you will be billed 48 hours before arrival at camp. Easy Payment Plans are non-refundable without a doctor’s note. The Multi-Week Incentive is not available for certain specialty programs. Qualifying multi-weeks are exclusive to the individual child. Weeks from other family members will not be counted. Bring a New Friend Credit is only available to new guests booking for new weeks. The incentive is limited to a single referrer for each new family referred. The Bring a New Friend Credit cannot be applied retroactively to a registered guest. In order to qualify, the referring person or family must be cited in the registration process. Members of the same family or household are not eligible for the Bring a New Friend Credit (i.e: you cannot refer your brother or sister and get the incentive). Muskoka Woods reserves the right to rescind any of the incentives in the event of a dispute of terms. The Test Drive program does not apply to any of the incentives.
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    Here’s a chance to spread your love for Muskoka Woods!

    THE MUSKOKA WOODS FAMILY ROOM TOUR will take place in homes around the GTA on weekday nights or Saturday afternoons. Here, a Muskoka Woods staff member will deliver an informative presentation on all aspects of our summer camp: programs and activities, accommodation and meals, counsellors and instructors, and more. Families in attendance will enjoy an evening together, ask questions, receive informed answers and be able to register for camp on the spot.

    We would love it if you would consider hosting a Muskoka Woods Family Room Tour in your home. This is your chance to help us spread the word about Muskoka Woods to tell other friends and neighbours about why their children will greatly benefit from a week of camp this summer. Whether you reach out to parents from your child’s hockey team or gymnastics club, we ask you to invite three or four families for a fun evening together.

    It’s simple: you provide the couches, snacks and families, we provide all the information and the staff. As a token of our thanks, we will bring a small gift and give each of your children $50 in tuck money this summer.

    We hope to introduce more children and youth to the joy of Muskoka Woods. Together, we can help kids make new friends, gain confidence and have unforgettable experiences.

    For more information and to schedule a hosting date:
    Please contact our Tour Manager, Jennifer Collister, at 416-495-6960 ext. 315.

    Thank you for your continued support of Muskoka Woods.

    We look forward to hearing from you!
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    In the spring of 1993, Greg and Paul - two educators from the Windsor-Essex Catholic School Board - set off on a yellow school bus to Muskoka Woods with 45 Grade 8 students and their teachers. They spent four days enjoying the great outdoors and, upon their departure, agreed to return to Muskoka Woods the following year.

    Within three years, the “Muskoka Woods Experience” expanded to include 300 students from nine schools across Windsor. During the Experience, students enjoyed a fun-filled, outdoor recreational experience that emphasized the importance of leading an active, healthy lifestyle and focused on developing their leadership skills. In this supportive and encouraging environment, students were taught “You don’t have to be the best, you just have to do your best.”

    To enrich this exceedingly popular program, WECDSB high school students and staff were integrated as program leaders and instructors. With the help of Grade 11 and 12 students enrolled in their school’s leadership courses, the number of Muskoka Woods Experience participants continued to grow.

    What began as dream with 45 students from one school has evolved into an inspiring 20-year partnership between the WECDSB and Muskoka Woods. Now, 1,200 elementary students from 35 schools and 300 Grade 11 and 12 students from eight secondary schools take part in the Muskoka Woods Experience each year.

    Thank you to Greg and Paul, and the teachers, administrators and parents of the Windsor-Essex Catholic School Board, for making this unforgettable experience possible. We look forward, with eager anticipation, to continuing our commitment to developing the next generation of leaders together.
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    This summer, we’re offering all the programs you know and love – most are better than ever! For guests who want to take their program experience to the next level, we're also launching brand new Specialty Weeks for Venture and Junior High guests. These innovative program options are packed full of themed Muskoka Woods skills and evening adventures. In fact, the entire week is planned for you in advance. We guarantee this will be a week like no other!

    Get ready for this:

    Secret Agent Week
    Week 6
    Boys: 10 & 11

    Train with your cabin to become secret agents as you master airsoft tactics, stealth climbing, marksmanship and sneaky manoeuvres.

    Girl Power Week
    Week 6
    Girls: 10 & 11

    Jump into a week of camp designed for girls and only girls. Here, you’ll take on everything from the ropes course to cake decorating, the spa to the KrakenRACER Waterslide.

    Grizzly Camp
    Week 7
    Boys: 10 & 11

    Explore, climb, fish and camp at Woods Lake during this week of action-adventure.

    Creative Arts Camp
    Week 7
    Girls: 10 & 11

    Live and breathe art for a week, crafting a masterpiece as you take part in pottery, painting, jewellery making, fashion design and more.

    Mosaic Art Camp
    Weeks 7 & 8
    Boys and Girls: 12-14

    During this two-week camp, you’ll be fully immersed in creative experiences and settings. You'll develop a high-quality art portfolio with industry professionals in photography, fine art and pottery, and even take a day trip to Toronto to visit an art fair.
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    At Muskoka Woods, we’re all about creating mind-blowing memories.

    Each year it’s something different: the ropes course, the Blob, the Mud Run or the waterpark. Just when you thought your anticipation for Summer 2014 couldn’t be any higher, or we couldn’t possibly do anything crazier, we announce:

    Canada’s ONLY six-lane KrakenRACER waterslide is coming to Muskoka Woods!!

    You and your friends can purchase a Kraken Waterslide Pass to use during lunch and dinner hours OR you can amp up your waterslide experience and register for the Kraken as an elective or Fanatic.

    Whichever option you choose, you can be certain of one thing: it’s going to be unforgettable.
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    We know that our CEO applicants are highly specialized and have aspirations to grow their leadership capacity in activities where they already thrive. This year we will be offering 4 specific streams, in addition to our established, traditional CEO Program. These alternative options are for applicants looking for specific concentration of leadership development.

    The CEO streams are:
    • Original CEO Leadership
    • Fine Art Leadership
    • Media Arts (Photography & Video) Leadership
    • Dance Leadership
    • Athletic Performance Leadership

    What does this mean for you?
    Every CEO participant journeys through the same core curriculum and obtains a grade 11 leadership credit upon graduation. Afternoon activities and key assignments will be tailored to the artistic or athletic stream you choose - this differentiates you from CEOs participating in the original program. Industry professionals will mentor and coach you, offering their expertise to each stream through workshops and hands-on instruction.

    Same outstanding CEO program – new, innovative options to choose from.
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