POSTED ON Feb 14, 2012
Project Romania 2011
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In May 2011, we once again invited our Muskoka Woods families to join us in supporting Impact Romania by providing a bag of basic necessities for Romania orphans. Through this World Shaping Initiative we have sent thousands of bags over to Romania since 2001, each one filled with underwear, socks and clothing that are distributed by a team of volunteers at Christmas time.

This year we were joined by Mississauga Private School Etobicoke, which held a drive that was spearheaded by one of our very own J2 guests and her family and friends. The students and their families donated 120 bags which helped bring our total to over 500 bags plus several bags of extra items (additional clothing, toys, etc) which were distributed this past Christmas. What an incredible example of inspiring youth to shape their world!

Thank you to all the families that participated this summer!

…the generosity of the Muskoka Woods families and community reflected through the “Christmas bag donations” is an amazing thing to witness. Having seen the faces of the orphans while they receive these “gifts from Canada”, I just wish that each donor could be there personally to see the impact. On behalf of the 25 staff and volunteers in Romania who actually distribute these gifts of love, I would like to thank the Muskoka Woods community for providing the vast number of Christmas bags AND notes/pictures. My hope is that the “givers” are truly blessed through their giving.

Bob Fukumoto – Director, Impact Romania
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