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Some things in life need to be experienced first-hand to fully appreciate them. Muskoka Woods is like that. Photos and regular videos just don't do us justice, so we've created the next best thing. We've created a website full of 360-degree videos. Click on the link below to watch. It will feel like you're right at camp! If you received a virtual reality headset in the mail, you can watch the video to the right to learn how build your headset. 

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CITYCAMP is all about creating a real overnight camp experience in a day camp format. Guests stay in "cabin" groups of 12 - 16 children, with two assigned counsellors. Cabin groups travel to all activities together, fostering new friendships that often last when camp is over. Our counsellors see each guest for who they are and who they can become. They support them with genuine care and energetic encouragement. We are based on Christian values and FUN is our trademark!

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In our daily Cabin Chats, we create a safe space for guests to listen, laugh, learn and share about character building, values and Christian beliefs. Led by two encouraging counsellors, these discussions are enriched with crafts and games that relate to the "character value of the day."



For more than 36 years, Muskoka Woods has sought to exceed the expectations of our guests. This commitment continues with the selection of high-quality equipment from leading manufacturers for CITYCAMP. Equipment is reviewed and inspected on a regular basis. Our staff is well trained in safe operation guidelines, discipline and risk management. Your child's health is safeguarded by leaving all medications with the CITYCAMP director and informing staff of any allergies your child may have. Please do not send your child to camp with anything that contains peanuts in any form. Should your child require it, please have them carry an EpiPen with them at all times. It is important to inform us of any special health considerations before the first day of camp.

A catered hot/cold lunch option is available at all of our locations, or you can send your child with a delicious lunch from home. We also have a Camp Store where snacks and other merchandise are available for purchase.


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